My Life- an Intro of sorts.

Hi. How are you? Well I hope. My name is Christopher Alan Cipollini. I’m an Italian guy living in Sin City with a penchant for the past and a happily a pulse on the present. I came here and decided to begin this blog for two reasons. They may resonate with you.

1- I’m a writer already and need to keep in the game. Muscles unused grow weak.

2-I’ve come to a point in my life where Ive found the vapid world of social media ( facebook in particular) grating to say the least. Everyone vomiting memes and not have a true experience, exchanging thoughts, stories, energies- you know- what I signed on for.

Ive come back here to return to my roots. This is not my first foray into online journaling, oh no, far from it. Ive kept several blogs in the past. One lasted for some years but I eventually got disenchanted with the turn my voice was taking so I bid it farewell. The other was a bit more poetic in nature but after some time I felt disenchanted with the writing itself and seemingly pigeonholed my writing into Dickensian style ramblings. Not that that doesn’t have nobility, but, I don’t like to feel confined- especially by myself. I bid it too, farewell.

So here I am, like some online prodigal son, returning to words I don’t even know anybody may see. I’ve a Machivellian style idealsim about written words that facebook notes could never fully satisfy. Other than writing, I can say Im a contemplative individual by nature. I prefer to watch the crowd coyishly from the corner than join in. I enjoy the concert but enjoy a quiet little bar afterward. Mysterious and archaic things captivate me. Stonehenge and ruins. Old magnificent things call my heart. Old times decadent ages, absinthe and alabaster. It’s just my way. Im a bit of a theater geek and love to perform when I can. I ‘ve acted performed poetry, crossed many a stage, and who’s to say- it may happen again.

At this time, however, my mind, and pen has shifted. The stimuli for new faces grows by the day and buffets my head to and fro, hence things like starting this blog and returning to an old friend with a new brain. So that being said, enjoy. Hopefully mind resonates with you in some way, if not, Im perfectly happy to commiserate with myself in semi silence.

Trust me, Im used to it.

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