Alternating Currants

I’m in France.

I’m no stranger to this country, and this is my fourth time in it. However this is the first time during the covid era we find our selves in. Regardless of the endless stipulations tied to travel and as it were, life in general, I feel satiated. Being here, satieties me. Yes, sometimes the Parisians can be a bit brisk. Sometimes, going to and from all day is a bit waring, as are the throngs of tourists toting bag upon bag of clothes they have no business wearing, clogging rues, avenues, and just a general sense of feeling in the shuffle…..and yet..whats to say. This city captivates me. Ive never been here in summer, and I find it seductive. Theres a strange and wonderful heat that emanates from the countless bars and cafes. Beers clanking. Even in post pandemic times, Paris is still herself. A fashionable mistress of many guises. Elegant, yet surprisingly adaptable. More Jeanne de Arc than Marie Antionette. People undermine her, toss her off as some uncouth beauty…but she is in fact a sturdy country girl at heart. She just adapted fashionable city girl mannerisms.

That said, today I leave her, if only for a few days, for the country. I begin a new leg of my life here and will be staying in a lovely region called Mountabaun, four hours north of the city. That country, with all her simple earnest conviction, is the perfect balm to the woes of this strange new world, and the mania of travel- mask included.

In the meantime, I will keep writing. Keep posting, and keep sharing.

Enjoying this open window in a quaint hotel by the train station.

Just thinking.

All I have is time.

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